How HappyNest is Changing Commercial Real Estate Investing for All

HappyNest helps you invest confidently in real estate leased to some of the world’s most successful companies.

HappyNest is a mobile-ready real estate investment tool, the first real estate micro-investing platform. Given that commercial real estate assets have outperformed the stock market for decades, HappyNest helps investors gain access to this lucrative market.

Many other private REITs that are active in this market require high minimum deposits. HappyNest eliminates this barrier of entry by allowing anyone to enter the market for as little as $10.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a lucrative investment class.

However, most traditional real estate investments require a down payment or a lump sum to start a portfolio. Purchasing an apartment building or commercial property that generates a capital rate of return is a sound investment strategy, but beyond the financial capacity of many younger investors.

Partnering in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is another traditional model, but most of those also require large sums of money to get started.

What is HappyNest?

HappyNest is a real estate investment app that is easy, safe and affordable way to get start investing in real estate.

The system is fully automatic, thereby cutting the costs of real estate investing.

In the past, only those able to purchase an investment property alone could benefit from real estate. Traditional real estate investments require a down payment or a lump sum to start a portfolio, but that makes it difficult for young or new investors.

With HappyNest, you can become a real estate investor with a low buy-in amount of just $10. It is the lowest minimum investment of any real estate investing platform on the market.

Our portfolio features a massive shipping distribution center on an active 10-year lease with FedEx, and a commercial retail location currently on an 8-year lease with CVS.

As a shareholder, you become a partial landlord to these great American companies. You will collect rent on a quarterly basis in the form of dividends. Your share value will grow as the real estate market appreciates.

HappyNest uses a goal-based investment strategy to help its users achieve their financial dreams.

How does HappyNest work?

HappyNest brings commercial real estate investing services to everyone with just a touch of the phone.

Users can invest their spare change in real estate and see the tangible assets in which they are investing. The site is safe and secure with 256-bit encryption. Our easy-to-read blog provides useful explanations of investment strategies, allowing users to invest in premier commercial real estate for just a few dollars at a time.

How to get started real estate investing with HappyNest

Visit and sign up for early access. The app is accessible with any smartphone.

Start on your journey to financial success. Set realistic savings goals, choose the amount you want to invest, and start growing your nest egg.


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