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How is HappyNest different?

We are the first real estate micro-investing platforms to connect users to their investments through a fun and easy to use mobile application. The fully automated platform allows anyone with $10 and a smart phone to invest in real estate without a steep learning curve. Our mission it provide everyone with the investment opportunities of the wealthy, now and forever.

What am I investing in with HappyNest?

We intend to acquire long-term net lease retail properties and development projects.
We intend to focus on investment properties with landlord friendly lease terms:

  • 10 years or more of lease term remaining
  • Minimal landlord requirements (see “What is a net lease?“)
  • Periodic rent increases to help our money keep pace with currency inflation
  • Creditworthy tenants with investment grade credit (S&P: BBB- or higher)

Net lease assets are low maintenance, provide stable cash flow, and are easy to understand. Our intended focus are properties net leased to creditworthy tenants.

Who can invest?

Any U.S. citizen over 18 years of age with $10, a smart phone, and a bank account.

How do I get started?

You’re just a few clicks away. Simply sign up and we’ll walk you through the rest.


Investments and Withdrawals

How Do Deposits Work?

How Do Deposits Work?
Through the HappyNest mobile application you link a bank account of your choice to the app using Plaid. Plaid allows you to interact with your bank account and deposit money in to your HappyNest account.

The deposit is then converted to shares of the HappyNest REIT.

The entire process takes 3-5 business days.

How to deposit money in to HappyNest account

Can you tell me more about HappyNest's investment philosophy?

  1. Never sacrifice quality for yield
  2. Always seek the highest total returns at the lowest possible risk
  3. Add-value through active management whenever possible
  4. Use quantitative risk analysis to guide our investment decisions

How is it possible to invest only $10?

Your money is invested in a portfolio curated by real estate investing professionals with over 100 years combined experience. We evaluate, purchase and manage the real estate for you and our technology automates the investing process to cut costs and bring real estate investing to your fingertips.


Do I get to pick my own properties?

No, but our investment team has a combined 100+ years of investment experience and a track record of success in building performing real estate portfolios. Every investment opportunity must clear our thorough underwriting and due diligence process prior to being presented to our real estate investment board for consideration.

Research our investment team at the “About Us” page in the footer of the website.


How often will I receive dividends?

Retained earnings from the portfolio’s rental income will be used to fund quarterly dividends, but that doesn’t mean you’ll only receive dividends once a quarter. Real estate sometimes produces monthly income and therefore the opportunity for more frequent dividend payments.


What are my dividends reinvested in?

Your dividends are reinvested back into our growing portfolio of real estate focused on property leased to some of the world’s strongest tenants.


Are there fees associated with reinvesting my dividends?


What if I don't want my dividends reinvested?

By subscribing for shares of our common stock through the HappyNest Platform you will be automatically enrolled in our dividend reinvestment plan. Compound interest only works if you let your interest earn interest too!

You may request to opt in or opt out out of the dividend reinvestment plan by contacting HappyNest customer success at

You will have the option to opt in or opt out of the dividend reinvestment plan not more than one time per calendar year.

When can I expect to get my money back?

Shares may be subject to a minimum holding period of six months before they are eligible for redemption. Potential HappyNest investors should adopt a long-term investment mentality to realize the full benefits of compounding interest and capital appreciation.


Can I change my funding account?

Yes. You can easily change the bank account that funds your account at any time. Typically there is 5-7 business day waiting period before we receive funds from your new bank.

What tax documents will I receive and how often?

You will receive a 1099-INT form at the end of the year for your records. All of your tax documents will be available for review on the app or by written request to with a subject of “Tax Document Request”.


Can I redeem my shares at any time?

You can request a withdrawal at any time up to 90 days following your initial deposit date. There are certain withdrawal restrictions that may apply after the initial trial period (see offering circular for additional information).

What if I need money for an emergency?

We intend to honor all withdrawal requests, however, our ability to fulfill your request will be subject to available cash flow and real estate operation (see offering circular for additional information).

Can I close my HappyNest account whenever I want?

Yes. You can request to withdraw all of your funds and cancel your account by contacting us within the app with the message subject “Cancellation Request”.



Is HappyNest free for active duty military and veterans?

Yes. In thanks to all of the women and men who sacrifice their lives for our freedom we will charge $0 per month regardless of account value.

For more information on HappyNest or if you’d like to connect about employment opportunities, please contact us at with the subject “Veterans Program” and a customer service representative will contact you shortly.

Does HappyNest cost money to use?

HappyNest costs $0 per month for accounts under $5,000 because we believe that you should be rewarded for being a diligent investor.

We take a flat fee of $1 per month for accounts of $5,000 or more.

Real Estate Investing 101

What is real estate?

Real estate is where you call home. Real estate is where you shop. Real estate is where you hike. Real estate is every square inch of the United States! Some types of real estate have more value than others, but they all share one similarity; they are not making any more of it, same as gold. Anything with limited quantity is considered to be valuable, ipso facto real estate is valuable.

What are stocks?

A stock is a right to a share of ownership in a company and is classified as equity investments. Sounds pretty cool, but, like all things, it comes with risks. Stocks move up and down with the market for reasons unknown to most.

We think we have a handle on why the market goes up and down but don’t because it seems to have a mind of its own. The value of a stock is not always the accurate measure of a company’s worth. A stock could be worth a lot of money, while the company is actually losing money every year.

What is micro investing?

Everyone has got a jar that fills up with spare change over time. How many times have you counted it to find that you’ve accumulated a pretty good chunk of change?

Now, imagine if every bit of change you collected also earned interest instead of dust. That’s micro-investing, and it’s the modern way of filling your piggy bank. Micro investing can help you make the smarter decision for tomorrow, while you’re busy living life today.

What is diversification and why should I care?

Diversification is a fancy way of saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” This strategy is used by most professionals to reduce risk and protect returns. Diversification is especially crucial for new investors who are less skilled at picking investments.

Stocks, bonds, real estate, and other types of investments historically behave differently depending on various market events. For example, if an investor were diversified, a dip in the stock market would be offset by gains in other investment types.

What is the value of a dividend reinvestment program?

A dividend reinvestment program (DRP) reinvests your cash dividends back into fractional shares of the underlying company.

DRP’s are an excellent way to grow your nest egg quicker. The dividends are reinvested free of charge and allow you to take advantage of compounding. As your account value grows, the amount you get paid in interest grows too!

Why should I invest in real estate?

Historically, real estate investments frequently outperform the stock market. By diversifying your portfolio away from stocks and bonds and into real estate, you are increasing the stability and growth potential of your savings or retirement. HappyNest removes the high cost associated with purchasing commercial real estate. It provides users with an opportunity to invest in high quality real estate with high quality tenants in a way never done before.


Is it possible to lose money investing in real estate?

You must always be prepared to lose your money when investing because nothing can ever fully protect your cash from unpredictable market movements or global events. Investing involves a certain level of risk (see Risk Factor section in our offering circular).

Real Estate Vocabulary

What is rent?

Rent is a sum of money paid by a tenant to a property owner for the use of their real estate. Rent usually is most of the income generated by a real estate investment.

This income from real estate investments is used to pay the expenses of operating the building, and the rest is available to the owner.

What is a tenant?

A tenant is anyone that makes an agreement with someone to use a space or property in exchange for rent.


What does "Creditworthy Tenant" mean?

Someone who is thought to have the financial means to make timely rent payments for the entire term of their lease. Tenants can be individuals, local businesses, major retailers, or even governments. Tenants come in many forms and are not all equal in creditworthiness.

Our portfolio will be built around income-producing properties occupied by tenants, including well-known public and private companies, who commonly provide rent guarantees for their entire lease term.

What is a net lease?

Net lease agreements (Triple-Net) typically have contractual periodic rent increases and require the tenant to pay all of the expenses associated with the property resulting in less maintenance and more cash in your pocket.

In plain english it means you don’t pay any property expenses and enjoy rent growth over time!
The more you know, the better off you’ll be. Click here to learn more.

What is a dividend?

A dividend is the percentage of a company’s earnings distributed to you as its shareholders.


What are bonds?

Bonds are different than stock. You don’t actually own a piece of any company when you buy a bond, but instead, are lending money to a company with the promise of full repayment plus interest.

A bond is regarded as a more conservative investment because, in the case of a company going out of business, the bondholders get paid before the owners.


What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is the total investments held by an investor and may consist of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other alternative investments. Most professional investors allocate a certain amount of their money for each type of investment.