Real Assets. Real Returns. Real Easy.


Invest Your Money, Not Your Time

HappyNest makes real estate investing more intuitive than it’s ever been.

  • Our simple and friendly user interface demystifies investing and opens it up for everyone.
  • Own a piece of actual real estate for as little as $10 (with no monthly fees).
  • No need to wrap your mind around a complex market or pick the right stocks. Simply invest and watch your investment grow.



Seriously Secure... Seriously!

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HappyNest connects securely to your bank and other partners using industry standard 256-bit encryption to ensure that the only eyes seeing your data are your own.

We don’t ever share your personal data with third-party vendors. You own your info.

Learn about investing from our team of financial experts.

Learn and Grow

New to the world of real estate investing? We get it. There’s a lot of fancy terms and concepts that can intimidate even the savviest saver. At HappyNest, we break down these terms and concepts and make them fun so that you can be equipped with the knowledge you need to know how investing works.

Let’s do this!

HappyNest is available for download right now on the App Store and Google Play.

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