Security Matters

Protecting your data is our highest priority.

HappyNest Secure

We use cutting edge technology, and secured servers to protect your personal information. We never see or store your bank information and are constantly monitoring our application and database to prevent fraudulent activity.

Held To A Higher Standard

Your SSN and personal information are encrypted with bank level security.

Communication Controls

All of our technology communication uses strong TLS protocols and ciphers. Communication between our partners and infrastructure is transmitted over encrypted tunnels.

Application Program Interface (APIs)

HappyNest uses trusted partners to securely handle your banking connections*. These partner APIs connect directly with your financial institution and utilizes industry-leading techniques to verify authenticity.

SSL Encryption

Our website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption.

Account Alerts

We will contact you about unusual account activity for protection against fraud.

Account Safeguards

Email verification, biometrics logins, automatic logouts, and Identity verification help prevent unauthorized access.

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To learn more view our privacy policy here.


Privacy Policy


*Plaid Inc., “Plaid” is used for banking authentication. Dwolla Inc., “Dwolla” is used for money transfers (ACH). All communication with these partners uses our communication controls.

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