The HappyNest Dream Team

Over 100 years of expertise, diverse backgrounds, and unique insights form our winning formula for real estate success.

Your journey to financial freedom is well-supported.

The Leadership Team

A dynamic group of passionate visionaries committed to driving innovation and excellence in the world of real estate investing. We are united in our mission to transform real estate investing and empower everyone to reach their financial goals.

Jesse Prince

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Leonardo Sessa

Co-founder & President


Jennifer Lansden

Chief Technology Officer


Drew Appelbaum

Investor Advocate Director

Meet Our REIT Board

Our team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to steering our REIT fund with unparalleled investment expertise and implementing robust governance practices to safeguard our investors’ interests.

Thomas K. Engberg

Chairman & Investment Expert


Lindsay Ornstein

Director & Investment Expert


Christopher Caltabiano

Director & Investment Expert


Ryan Severino

Director & Economics Expert


Justin Algor

Director & Finance Expert


Allan Grafman

Director & Finance Expert


The Advisory Team

A collective of industry experts dedicated to optimizing our platform and marketing strategies, ensuring we consistently exceed investor expectations and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Gabriel DeWitt

Digital Marketing


Cezar Arvelo

Creative Director


Doug Joseph

Brand Story & Production



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Thank a Veteran

As a veteran-owned business, we understand the importance of giving back and serving those who have served us.

We are committed to dedicating our time and a portion of our profits to creating innovative, affordable housing solutions for homeless veterans.

Join us in making a meaningful impact – together, we can change lives!

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