My Financial Journey: Drew Appelbaum

My name is Drew Applebaum, and I am HappyNest’s Director of Customer Support and Engagement.

Are you someone that has pushed off investing until recently? Was watching your savings account “grow” month after month just enough for you to feel like you were saving for that inevitable rainy day? Or is investing just not your thing? If you nodded, screamed, flinched, or said “yes” under your breath to any of the above, I’m with you.

At heart, I’m a simple man. I don’t need fancy things or seven-figure cars. I’ve never strived to work in finance. The thought of wearing a Patagonia vest to work every day was my nightmare. I simply wanted a decent job where I could have a true work/life balance, with life being the focus of that balance. Yet, what I learned quickly was that simple comes with many perks as well as many struggles. Sure, I don’t care to ride around in a Ferrari (livin’ that Honda dream since 2014).

But I do crave financial freedom. I do not want to be another stereotype where I “live to work” to uphold my life.

So, there I was, all motivated to invest my hard-earned, slow-growing savings account into something great … but what? I think we can all agree if you listen to too many people, you will find yourself terrified to invest but also terrified not to invest. That’s when I learned about HappyNest.

The process was quick, easy, and incredibly user friendly. I had a rough idea of how much I wanted to save within a certain time frame. HappyNest took the guesswork out of it for me. It broke down how much I needed to put in monthly to achieve my goal. The best part – I’m not doing any more or less than I used to with my sluggish savings account, yet my growth is far greater.

Will I become a millionaire overnight? No. The one thing I really appreciate about real estate investing is that it’s a slow and stable burn, regardless of what the rollercoaster we call the Dow Jones is doing. For me, I finally have a piece of mine that there is an investment option out there that is working for me and my goals, even if they are simple.


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