Our Real Estate Strategy

Create a transparent, consumer conscious portfolio that enables our investors to achieve steady returns and stability through market turmoil.

We leverage our team’s collective experience and networks to acquire unique real estate assets across the country that have with well-known, credit rated tenants, and a long investment horizon.

Become corporate America’s landlord.

Our properties are leased by household names you know are good for rent.


Your New Tenant List:


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HappyNest’s Inaugural Offering

Portfolio Overview:

  • No. of Properties: 3
  • Portfolio Sq. Ft: 800,000
  • Portfolio Avg. Weighted Lease Term: 10 years
  • NAV/Share: $10.00
  • Targeted Dividend Yield: 6%

Portfolio Properties

CVS – Easthampton, MA

This commercial real estate property’s lease has built-in rent increases ensuring growth returns every five years. It has also been given the tenant’s corporate guarantee. 



FedEx Ground – Fremont, IN

This industrial freight shipping center has an active lease with FedEx with more than 10 years left on contract. Additionally, the industrial real estate sector has already clocked 7.5% gains year to date with no signs of slowing in demand.


Offer Qualified by U.S. Securities Exchange Commission under Regulation A

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Our Public Offering

Real Assets.

Real Returns.

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