5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Income

Whether you are budgeting for short-term or long-term financial goals, the fact remains that nearly all U.S. households could benefit from a little extra cash–particularly in times of uncertainty.

Bring in extra income with these great tips:

1. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Every year, Americans receive gift cards they do not use. Whether you switched up your diet and a particular restaurant no longer sounds all that appealing to you, or you will not use that gift card to a specific store, there are ways you can sell gift cards to make a little extra money. Some websites allow you to sell your gift card for nearly the full value, and others allow you to cash out any remaining balances on gift cards. For example, most consumers will leave small amounts–ranging from $1 to $5–on gift cards pretty much indefinitely, never using that money. Various websites and services allow you to trade-in gift cards with low balances for that dollar amount.

If you prefer to retain every cent on the card, consider trading it in. While some websites may charge a fee to purchase gift cards, you will not use, others allow you to trade it for another one of equal value. That way, you do not lose any money. Remember that there are gift cards that will enable you to purchase necessities and staples, like gift cards to grocery stores. These come in just as handy as cash savings.

2. Team Up With Commercial Real Estate Investment Services

Dividends from commercial real estate investment companies are so profitable they have outperformed stocks since 2000. Commercial real estate investment services make it simple. Search the best apps for investors and select the one that suits you.

Download the apps, let the top investing apps help you identify valuable commercial properties for sale, and wait for these properties to pay off. View your portfolio at any time and let commercial real estate investment services handle the rest!

3. Sell Items On Etsy

If you make jewelry, paint, draw, knit, crochet, woodwork, or do anything artsy or handy, there is money to be made on Etsy! Making money on Etsy is as simple as making your products, logging online and starting a shop, setting up payment options, and listing your items. Collect money and ship items when they sell. The process is pretty straightforward, but Etsy has a comprehensive beginner’s guide and seller handbook for anyone who needs help.

4. Tutor Online

Many people do not know that they can tutor online with no teaching experience. All you need is a Bachelor’s degree. There are several apps and websites that are looking for native English speakers to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). To do it, you commit to that particular services’ minimum hours per week–typically five to 12–and make sure your audio and video software is up to date. Websites provide lesson plans for you, give databases on additional resources, and let you speak to experienced ESL teachers should you have any questions.

5. Get Paid To Shop

If you are strapped for cash, NerdWallet recommends signing up to be a mystery shopper. By signing up to be a mystery shopper, you visit online stores, shop, and provide detailed feedback about your experiences. Depending on the site, they may ask for access to your online metrics and shopping habits and require you to be at least 18 or 19 years old.

It is entirely feasible to make extra money and do it from your home, using just a smartphone, laptop, and a reliable internet connection. Pad your income and savings using NerdWallet’s work from home suggestions. Make extra money with a good mix of active and passive income.

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