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“Eggvesting” 101!

We teach people how to invest in commercial real estate, boost their investment returns, and live financially happier lives.

My Financial Journey: Drew Appelbaum

Are you someone that has pushed off investing until recently? Was watching your savings account “grow” month after month just enough for you to feel like you were saving for that inevitable rainy day? Or is investing just not your thing? If you nodded, screamed, flinched, or said “yes” under your breath to any of […]

What you should know about the power of compound interest

Approximately 84% of real estate investors indicate that they will make another investment soon, and compound interest can help them achieve their financial goals faster. HappyNest provides the need to know about compound interest and how it applies to REIT investing.

What Are REITs and Why Should You Care?

A Quick Real Estate Investment Trust Description A real estate investment trust is a company that owns, operates, or finances properties. The properties can range from homes to hotels, malls, offices, medical buildings, or any other real estate type. Investing in REITs can be a great way to generate passive income and build wealth through […]

How I Learned to Invest in Real Estate

By: Melissa Etezadi, HappyNest PR and Content Manager Like many novice investors, I was told at a young age the only way to save money for retirement was to invest in your 401(k), open an IRA, and of course, invest in the stock market. Growing up, I remember watching my dad emotionally react to the […]

Investing In Real Estate For the First Time

Whether you love your career and are looking for a secondary source of income or are thinking about changing careers and looking for financial stability, investing can help you achieve both. Investing may sound scary, but it can be a lucrative, stress-free, and even fun activity for you and your family when done correctly. We’re […]

How to Generate Passive Income by Investing in Real Estate

We all know that it’s wise to put in the effort to create multiple streams of income rather than depending on a single stream of income to fund your life. After all, you never know when one job or income source might fizzle out, leaving you high and dry with not even a moment’s notice. […]

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