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Study finds money can buy happiness after all – but it’s getting more expensive

What is the relationship between money and happiness? There’s an oft-quoted 2010 study which found that reported levels of happiness started to taper off once a $75,000 salary had been reached. In other words, while higher income levels still reported higher levels of happiness, the degree of increase got smaller further up the income chain.  […]

investing in REITs

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in REITs

Looking to hedge your yolos with some investments that would make the likes of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger proud? We could all use a nice anchor in our portfolio to hedge against volatility. REITs have consistently ranked among the highest return investments over time, which is why they have been an investor favorite for […]


5 Real Estate Market Predictions For 2021

Well, we think everyone can agree that 2020 was full of surprises. This year spared no industry from a barrage of audibles, the full impact of which remains to be seen. As the year draws to a close, it’s about that time of year to look back at trends that emerged and make predictions about […]

alternative investments strategy

Think outside the stock market: Alternative investments for 2021

Diversify your portfolio with alternative investments. Those early in their investment journey might take that to mean buying stocks from a few different companies whose operations are uncorrelated. But that would amount to a basket with some different colored eggs in it, all still bound to the fate of the basket. Though the stock market […]

Parents, It’s Your Responsibility to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy

Parents, it’s your responsibility to teach your kids financial literacy or they’ll have to learn the hard – and expensive – way Parents want what’s best for their kids, especially in regards to their future. What a shame then, that one of the most highly correlated predictors of success in adulthood is one of the least talked […]

Reach Your Financial Goals With a Diversified Portfolio

It’s fair to say that deciding where to start or what to do can feel overwhelming with all the investment options out there. Just listen to CNBC, Fox Business, or Bloomberg any day of the week, and you’ll hear dozens of opinions about where to invest your money. “Buy stocks,” “buy bonds,” “buy gold!” “sell […]

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