“I’ll teach you the best ways to earn passive income from real estate investments”

 – Eggmund Savemore ™

Did you know that most professional investors recommend earmarking at least 5% or more of your savings for real estate investments?

Now you can turn that recommendation into a reality with HappyNest.

WIth only $10 and a smartphone, you can invest in a portfolio of commercial real estate designed to protect your money from stock market turbulence.

Creditworthy Tenants

Creditworthy tenants guarantee all rent payments, even if they decide to leave early

Quarterly Dividends

Investors receive tax-advantaged dividend payments

Long-Term Leases

Leases with ten years or longer afford owners protection from short-term market swings

Flipping the Bill

The tenant pays for all property expenses, including taxes, insurance, and maintenance

Annual Rent Growth

Periodic contractual rent increases lead to income growth over time

Historical Value

Net lease properties historically sell easier in down markets than other types of real estate

What You Get
An investment portfolio designed to HUSTLE as hard as you.

— Stable cash distributions

— Diversified by tenant, type, and geography

— Enhanced growth potential from hands-on management and property value increases​

— Contractual safeguards for your money regardless of market conditions

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