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It’s time for change.

Say hello to the first real estate investing app that lets you round up daily spending for long term savings.

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HappyNest app screen displaying that only $10 can turn into an investment in Real Estate.

 Real Estate Investing  Designed For You.

No matter where you start your journey, we’ll help you cross the finish line.

HappyNest app screen displaying that only $10 can turn into an investment in Real Estate.

Easy Access.

Become a real estate investor in minutes with only $10.

Real Investments.

Own a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate.

Powerful Results.

Invest like the 1% and grow your wealth steadily over time.

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Round Ups For Real Estate.

We instantly turn your loose change into dividend-earning shares of real estate making it easier than ever to reach your financial goals.

Simply link a credit card or debit card to HappyNest and use round ups from daily purchases to grow your real estate nest egg.

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Earn income from fortune 100 tenants.

You collect rental income from our network of Fortune 100 tenants and other high-quality real estate investments. We do the rest.


*We recently expanded our investment portfolio to include multi-family and industrial investments that we believe mitigate market risk, boost long-term returns, and deliver stability to our investors.


Meet Eggmund & Jesse

Learn From Puppets.

Investing should be fun. Our friendly puppets help you master the art of real estate investing with a smile.


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Great for REIT diversification! Have loved the app so far and is extremely easy to use! Perfect for diversifying your portfolio into the REIT sector.

GJ All Day

Awesome app! Informative and easy to use.


I’m usually super intimidated by all the stock and investment options that exist but this app took the guess work out of it and just let me sign up and put some money in a place where it can grow!


Thank you HappyNest for giving me access to great real estate investment options that would normally be off the table for individual investors.


HappyNest allows you to begin investing in real estate with as little as $10. The process couldn’t be simpler.


Happy Nest, Happy Investment. I was skeptical at first, it looked too good to be true, but have been nothing but happy with the results so far. It’s fun to watch your investment grow but even better to watch your dividend grow on a daily basis.

Andrew R.


Real Estate for Real People

The path to wealth begins with one investment. Start with only $10.


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