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Commercial real estate investing can be confusing, so we made it EASY!

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HappyNest protects your information to prevent unauthorized account access and notifies you of any unusual activity.

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Have you been searching for an online real estate investing platform and only finding high minimums, hidden fees, and information overload? Look no further.

HappyNest has what you need to get started.

The Golden Rule

We provide bite-sized nuggets on modern money-saving tips, and good old fashioned real estate 101.

You’ll learn the best ways to save money, build your net worth, and invest in real estate with little money.

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HappyNest brings the benefits of owning commercial real estate right to your fingertips at a fraction of the cost.

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HappyNest REIT invests in a portfolio of real estate rented to companies you know.

When you invest with HappyNest, you can own a share of that income!